Starlight_dragon_Tarot_09Tarot to engage life – not to escape it. (Marcus Katz, Motto of ‘Tarosophy’)


Tarot is not about either positive or negative things. It’s all about rising above.
Camelia Elias






Inspired by starlight and dragon magick I am reading your cards:

You want to

  • view your problems and questions from an entirely fresh perspective?
  • get unstuck?
  • have clarity on an important decision?
  •  recognise and unlock your potential?
  • find your spiritual path?

In a personal consulting session – face-to-face, e-mail or Skype –  I will help you to find  the way to move forward.

A tarot reading brings awareness to unconscious issues, uncover aspects of your own personality or your situation which have remained unseen so far, clarify alternatives in decision-making, open up pathways or reinforce your creativity and spirituality.

Allow yourself to be surprised by my flexible, creative ways of reading the cards! I read 1 card or 3 or 10 or many more, in  spreads or free-style. My focus is on your situation, underlying causes, decision-making and action for change.

I live and work with dragons, which embody for me the three pillars of my consulting work and readings: empowerment, creativity and spirituality.

This is encapsulated in the Starlight Dragon Tarot, in the works since 2013 in cooperation with my friend, artist Nora Huszka of Gypsy Palace fame, and now about to be born to the world.

Of course, I also read cards with traditional decks – from Marseilles to Waite Smith, Thoth and many others.

Reading cards is for me a magical act: we communicate with the occult (= the hidden), in order to change in accordance with our true will. The cards can also be used as magical tools. This is shown by our “Gated Spreads” and many other Tarosophy methods (more about Tarosophy)